Dr David Ryan

Health data comes in all shapes and sizes. Web-scraping represents an efficient tool to obtain data from hard-to-reach places.

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In today’s world, the ability to obtain large amount of clean data efficiently is a key skill.

One of the most important methods for obtaining data on a large scale is to web-scrape. This refers to the automatic extraction of targeted information from a website. It is essentially a hide-and-seek exercise. We build a programme or “bot” that searches the back end of websites and harvests this information in a format that we can manipulate into our dataset.

This has been…

Dr David Ryan

It is a truth universally acknowledged that technology is rapidly altering, augmenting and ameliorating many aspects of our lives and the field of medicine is no exception. Moore’s law is a testament to the speed of technological advancement, stating that computer processing power doubles every two years. Despite the growing pace of the technological revolution and increasing use of IT in healthcare settings, consideration of wider societal and ethical implications are still lagging.

Interventional generated inequality

One area of particular concern is the prospect that new technologies in healthcare can shift the scales of equality and further exacerbate existing inequalities. This concept is…

As a Junior Doctor working in a busy London Hospital, I am very grateful to everybody who is staying home and minding each other.

Flattening the curve and social distancing have become the new buzz words and they have very much helped reduce the stress on our hospitals and have saved many lives.

Google have published COVID-19 mobility reports that quantify, on a macro level, just how much our world has changed. For example, it showed that Londoners were transiting through transport hubs 64% less than pre-covid times and were at workplaces 48% less than pre-lockdown days.

However, this does…


Irish doctor working in London. Biomedical informatics. Big Data. AI. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Cork. Edinburgh. London.

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